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Ms. Britta’s Class – Room 106

Ms. Britta’s Class – Room 106


Good Afternoon Parents,

We have reached the last few weeks of our school year. Thankfully, we were able to complete necessary requirements and now total review is beginning.

I will not be providing a schedule for the last few weeks since we will be reviewing everything previously taught.
FIRST GRADE will finish all stories in their required reading book with spelling and worksheets covering language skills taught next week then begin review of spelling words and questions on what they remember from the units covered. Math as well will be completed in the next week or so and review will begin. These students have been such an “eager to learn” group and we are so proud of them

SECOND GRADE will complete their last story “Ruth Law Thrills a Nation “, a pioneer woman pilot in 1910 this week, and will begin reading short chapter books, reviewing phonemes, blends, digraphs, parts of speech, comprehension of stories read, plot, characters, punctuation, multiplication, simple division, two and three digit addition and subtraction with borrowing, basic memorization of addition and subtraction facts. Work packets will feature these concepts which will be beneficial for summer review. This class has worked well together on projects ,and participated in class discussions of ideas.
What will we do in addition to items stated above?

Dibels Testing- All first and second graders will have the end of year Dibels test to see progress made in comprehension, word identification, and recall of material read. These will be compared to the two other Dibels Tests- beginning of the school year, middle of the year.

Galileo Testing- For all first and second grade students-dates to be announced.

IXL- We will continue to work with this program with specific skills in Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. We have been working on map skills, continents and oceans, historical sights and events that have shaped our country. Both grade levels have done extremely well on this program of required core elements. We will give a final total of questions answered and hours spent in our final “report”!

Will keep you posted on other activities planned as the school year draws to a close.


Ms. Britta
Ms. Nae


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